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RUBiS introduces state of the art fuel testing methods to Jamaican Gasoline Retail Market

Thursday, April 7, 2016


Kingston, Jamaica: -- Petroleum marketing company RUBiS Energy Jamaica has introduced a new high tech method of fuel testing, in the form of Portable Digital Fuel Testers, to the Jamaican Gasoline Retail Market to further strengthen the integrity of their products. The introduction of the state of the art technology reaffirms RUBiS’ fuels marketing leadership. The international marketing company has invested in the Portable Digital Fuel Testers, which are commonly used in refineries and fuel terminals as well as for offshore and transportation applications, as a means of having on site testing across their service stations island-wide.

Designed for fuel testing applications the Portable Digital Fuel Testers perform analysis which would otherwise be conducted by means of time consuming lab tests and displays the 99.99% accurate results within seconds via the LCD display-screen. The device can store over 1,000 tests results; consequently allowing users to compare results of varying samples while readily allowing logging for an eventual database of results for consultation if needed. The results are also transferrable to computers or exporting to printers and other devices thanks to the devices’ wireless communication, infrared data interface.

Raymond Samuels, Retail Manager, RUBiS Energy Jamaica Limited posited that fuel quality is a top priority for RUBiS as the company prides itself on selling highest quality, safe fuels in all their markets. Samuels also outlined the importance of the newly acquired technology and how it will be a massive aid in further improving the efficiency of fuel testing and RUBiS’s retail operations.

“RUBiS is fully committed to providing the highest quality products and our latest investment in the Portable Digital Fuel Testers is in line with our mandate of providing safe, quality fuel products to the Jamaican consumers. The usual procedure for quality assurance testing would include transporting fuel samples to the RUBiS laboratory located at our plant, however with this advanced equipment we are now able to conduct on site tests at our service stations and have the results delivered within seconds. This is the most efficient method of testing internationally and RUBiS is proud to introduce it to the Jamaican Gasoline Retail Market,” Samuels outlined.

RUBiS Energy Jamaica’s CEO, Alain Carreau further explained that the devices are now part of the operations of RUBiS following personnel training on its usage. As a result, quality control testing is expected to gradually become much more frequent with results immediately attainable for retailers.

“RUBiS is invested in improving the Jamaican Gasoline Retail Market and this is an important step in the right direction to ensure that vision is met. While standardized quality tests already exist in our operations, this new technology ensures that the quality is examined literally at the pump, and importantly, on an even more frequent basis. RUBiS has every confidence in the tests and all the procedures which we have in place, and those newly introduced with the Portable Digital Fuel Testers, to ensure the quality of our fuel products,” said Carreau.

The Portable Digital Fuel Tester is a very user friendly device. Due to its small size and lightweight, it can be operated with only one hand and provides accurate readings within seconds. The machine then stores the data, including the sample identification, measurement unit and the date and time of the test.

RUBiS Energy Jamaica Limited has been a vital part of the local fuel market, providing Jamaicans with quality service since commencing operations locally. As such, the international marketing company has developed a strong relationship involving social programs within the Jamaican society and will continue to maintain that through its commitment to providing safe, quality fuels and improving the Jamaican Gasoline Retail Market operations through continued commitment to leading market innovation and technological advancements.

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