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Tuesday, April 22, 2014; Kingston, Jamaica: - RUBiS, a leading distributor of fuel in the Caribbean and new entrant to the Jamaican petroleum market, has begun the rebranding of its service stations. This exciting development will see all Service stations change to RUBiS. The green red and white of the RUBiS brand will be prominently displayed on all 53 service stations island-wide.

RUBiS Energy Jamaica Limited, began the process of rebranding in February and will be completed by June of this year. The first phase of the rebranding saw the RUBiS' fleet of trucks displaying the RUBiS visual identity.

Raymond Samuels, Retail Manager of RUBiS Energy Jamaica, noted that the rebranding of the service stations across the island from Shell to RUBiS has been scheduled to be completed by June 30: "The rebranded RUBiS Service Stations will enhance the look of our sites island-wide featuring fresh, modern and well lit service stations with our new canopy design, LED forecourt lighting, rebranded fuel dispensers, new air pumps, and new uniforms for service station staff. We are aiming for the process to be as smooth and as swift as possible so that our customers are not inconvenienced."

Samuels added that the rebranding process begins with the removal of the Shell brand from the service stations, so customers should not be deterred when they see de-branded service stations: "The absence of signage will only be for a short period of time, to facilitate the installation of the RUBiS visual brand elements. We want to assure our customers that our service stations will remain open during the entire rebranding process and customers will continue to receive quality petrol throughout the process.

"All our 53 service stations will be transformed to provide clean, well-lit and enhanced facilities with improved service offerings at each site. Most of the work in the next few weeks is concentrated in the Corporate Area. Our service station on Constant Spring Road / Gore Terrance is the most advanced. Other service stations next in line to feature the new RUBiS look include Manor Park, Liguanea, Half Way Tree Road, Washington Boulevard, Deanery Road, Waterlane and Old Harbour. The process will continue until all service stations are fully rebranded to RUBiS by the end of June."

RUBiS operates in 16 Caribbean territories, providing gasoline, diesel, lubricants and LPG to their retail, commercial and industrial customers. The French owned company specializes in the downstream petroleum and chemicals sector globally, with significant interests in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean.

Jamaicans can look forward to seeing the red, white and green colours of the Rubis logo displayed on trucks and service staitons across Jamaica.

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